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Why the long exams?

Many of our patients are surprised by how many things we evaluate during their dental checkup.  It’s true –  our examinations are more comprehensive than you ‘ll find at most dental practices.  Ours include oral cancer screenings, TMJ evaluations, airway evaluations, and more. We do this not only to provide you with extraordinary dental care, but also because of our commitment to your overall health. Our approach takes a little more time, but we think it’s well worth the effort.

We recently saw this happen with Charlotte, a 7-year-old patient of mine who recently came in for an examination. One of the things we look for in our comprehensive exams is evidence of teeth grinding, an indicator of an airway obstructions in the pediatric population.  Charlotte teeth showed signs of grinding. The exam also revealed that her tonsils were so enlarged they were affecting her breathing.

After asking Charlotte and her parent some questions I determined that she was snoring and probably losing sleep. She swims, dances, and practices gymnastics, so I suspected her stamina might be affected as well. Even more concerning was the fact that her airways issues might lead to sleep apnea, and the myriad of health issues that accompany it.  I referred them to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist who has a lot of experience treating pediatric airway issues.

There is more to Charlotte’s story, which was published last Thursday in the Courier Post. See the full article here.

Despite some twists and turns early on, Charlotte’s story has a happy ending.  It’s an example of how our uniquely comprehensive exams can make a difference, and why we wouldn’t do it any other way.

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