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COVID-19 Updates

posted 3/17/20


A Message To Our Patients,

With the spread of COVID-19 and ever changing recommendations, we are entering into uncharted territory and we are proceeding with extreme caution. We have been diligently following the CDC, ADA and NJDA recommendations as well as those from other authorities. We know this is an unprecedented time for everyone. We don’t know exactly what will happen, how long it will happen for and what tomorrow will look like, but we are doing our research and speaking with authorities to stay as informed as possible. Although we proactively decided to close the office, just last night the New Jersey Dental Association (NJDA) made the recommendation for all elective dental care to be postponed for the next two weeks. This just further solidified to us that we are making the right decisions.

In an effort to do what we feel is our responsibility in flattening the curve and what’s best for our patients and our team, we have made the decision to discontinue all non-emergency appointments for at least the next two weeks. We know this is an inconvenience for patients and believe us when we say, we did not make this decision lightly. As a privately owned, family business who supports more than 40 team members, this decision has been incredibly difficult to make. But as usual, our AMAZING team has been so supportive and trusting in us to make the right decisions for everyone – themselves and our patients.

The decision to postpone all non-emergent appointments for the next two weeks will hopefully help in the fight to flatten the curve by keeping people home and out of situations where the virus could potentially spread. This swift action will hopefully save the lives of our loved ones and those who are the most vulnerable.

Even with the offices closed to non-emergent patient care, we are still and will always be, available to you. If you have any concerns or are in need of speaking with someone from our office, we will have team members available to answer and respond to your calls. We have emergency procedures in place and are able to take calls during normal business hours, as well as check messages if you need after hours assistance. We will also try to proactively move appointments out to May, knowing that we will make every attempt to move the appointment up in the schedule when we are back to “business as usual”. We will also open up additional hours to try to accommodate anyone who has been misplaced during this time. Keeping you on track with your routine dental care as well as any scheduled treatment is of the utmost importance to us.

Please keep an eye on our website for the most up to date changes and information. Over these next few weeks we will continue to monitor this ever-changing situation and promise to keep you well informed of our decisions moving forward. We hope to see all of your healthy, smiling faces when restrictions have been lifted. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do everything we can to protect your safety and the safety of our team.

With Warm Regards and In Good Health,

The Monokian Family

posted 3/22/20


How COVID-19 Is Affecting Your Dental Care

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, new guidelines have been set for dental care providers.  We have been advised to postpone all routine care, and to follow strict new safety protocols.  Currently we are only seeing emergency patients.  The information below explains how to know, what to do, and what to expect if you are experiencing a dental emergency.


How To Know If You’re Experiencing a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is less severe than a medical emergency, which poses an immediate threat to your life or long-term health.  If you experience a medical emergency, you should call 911.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Severe oral pain and/or facial/soft tissue swelling:

We often refer patients with pain or swelling to an oral surgeon or endodontist.  If you suspect you’ll need a specialist, here are two we highly recommend:

South Jersey Endodontics (Dr. Eisenberg)
(856) 424-5145
2001 Marlton Pike East Cherry Hill, NJ

Optimum Oral Surgery (Dr Chad Rebhun)
(856) 772-1500 (Same phone number for Voorhees and Mullica Hill locations)
Voorhees: 2301 E Evesham Rd Suite 211, Voorhees, NJ
Mullica Hill: 5 Myers Dr #107, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

  • Trauma - tooth has come out or shifted.


What To Do in a Dental Emergency

Screen Yourself

Anyone who has an elevated risk of having contracted COVID-19 are expected to get clearance from their medical provider before visiting a dentist.  This includes patients who experienced any of the following within the last 14 days:

  • A fever of 100˚F or greater
  • A persistent cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Traveled to a country under a CDC Level 3 warning, or any other (including domestic) COVID-19 hot spot
  • Actual or suspected contact with anyone infected with COVID-19

Contact Us To Schedule An Appointment

  • Call, text, or email us and we’ll schedule you as quickly as possible. Sorry, we cannot accept walk-ins.

Send Us A Picture

Our treatment coordinator will request for you to send a photograph of your emergency condition (if possible) so that we can give you advice or prepare as necessary before your emergency appointment.

What To Expect During Your Visit

  • To facilitate social distancing, you may only enter the office at the time of your pre-arranged appointment. Walk-ins are not allowed.
  • Please do not bring family members or other guests to the appointment with you. We can make exceptions for parent/child situations, and for patients who require assistance.
  • We are required to take your temperature upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home immediately.
  • You are required to use hand sanitizer immediately upon arrival. This will be supplied by a front desk team member.
  • You will be given a mask upon arrival, and are required to wear it throughout your appointment. We will remove your mask only as needed.
  • Prior to receiving an exam or treatment, you will be required to rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, a safe but effective antiseptic.
  • While patients are present, our clinical team is required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, and gowns) at all times. Other team members may be wearing protective equipment as well, depending on their assignments. 
  • We will be accepting payments only by check and credit card.

These new guidelines were implemented to help ensure the safety of all patients and team members.  You’ll receive the best possible service and avoid delays by follow the guidelines closely.  We appreciate your cooperation.

The Monokian Family