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Dentistry For Kids

Kids who start out with positive dental experiences are more likely to visit their dentists regularly as adults, and enjoy life-long dental health. That’s why we’re so careful to ensure that every young patient feels welcomed, and comfortable with the environment, from their very first visit.

We’re especially reassuring to kids who are nervous about trips to the dentist. Our gentle approach to dentistry helps prevent discomfort, and our computer guided anesthesia delivery system helps make treatments virtually pain free.

Our tropical aquarium, TVs in every exam room with special glasses to help kids see the screens, and prizes for maintaining good oral hygiene are just a few of the touches we add to keep kids smiling. “Welcome” bags filled with toys, temporary tattoos, water bottles and more help make our new patients feel even more special. When kids say that our doctors and team members are “friendly” and “fun”, we know we’re doing something right.

We are truly a family dental practice, so kids won’t “outgrow” us in their teens.  Turnover at our practice is low, and our young patients take comfort in seeing familiar faces during every visit. In fact, some patients who started with us as kids have seen the same hygienists for over 25 years.


If your child is about ready for their first visit, or you’re looking for a dental practice with which your child will feel more comfortable, call us today and schedule an appointment.