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Exciting News From Dr. Mayher

Dr. Vincent Mayher is Now Part Of Monokian Dentistry of Haddonfield

Here's Why We Came Together

Recently I’ve been eager to become more involved in teaching dentistry while continuing to provide care to my patients. I am happy to announce that I recently entered into a partnership that makes this possible. On December 3rd, 2018 my practice became part of Monokian Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. This partnership will allow me time to teach at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine while continuing to see my patients.

There were many paths I could have pursued, but I chose to partner with Monokian Dentistry because I know they share our commitment to dental excellence.

I have a long-standing personal and professional relationship with its founder, Dr. Harry Monokian, who is one of the few New Jersey dentists, beside myself, to have earned a Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry. His sons, Drs. Mike and Dave Monokian, are both extraordinarily talented practitioners and leaders in continuing education for dental professionals. Together they have shaped Monokian Dentistry into one of South Jersey’s most highly regarded practices, one that I am honored to now be a part of.

This change also provides you with some attractive new options. You’ll be able to schedule appointments not only with Dr. Pera, Regina and me, but also with the excellent dentists and hygienists who are already part of the Monokian team. I think you’ll be impressed by their chair-side manner, dedication to patients and the top quality of care they provide.

They look forward to getting to know all of you and I am really excited for what the future will bring.

Sincerely, Dr. Vincent Mayher

A Note From Drs. David and Michael Monokian

Welcome Haddonfield Patients!

The Monokian Dentistry Team Is Here For You

Monokian Dentistry has served Marlton and the surrounding area for the past 40 years, and recently we’ve seen that other communities are looking for the kind of patient-centered dental care we provide. We’re happy to announce that we are now entering a partnership with an excellent dentist and great man who you know and love – Dr. Vincent Mayher.  It was not easy to find a dentist who shares our core values, our passion for dentistry, and our moral compass.  In Dr. Mayher and his team we have found that perfect match.

The truth is, the dental industry is changing.  Corporations are buying up practices and pushing them to focus on profitability at the expense of quality.  Some insurance companies are pressuring practices to perform “hurry-up” dentistry.  We find this unacceptable. We believe in providing a kind of personalized care that redefines the dental experience. We listen carefully to our patients’ wants and needs, and give them more options and control over their treatment decisions.  We respect their time, and we believe that over-booking and long waits are never a good idea.  Over the past four decades we’ve carefully selected a team of experts that not only love what they do, but also care about each and every patient.  That’s part of what makes us unique; we treat our patients, not just their teeth.

All of these characteristics that have made Monokian Dentistry what it is today are shared by Dr. Mayher and his team.  We are excited about coming to Haddonfield and meeting all the wonderful patients we’ve heard about.  We look forward to working alongside Dr. Mayher, Dr. Pera and Regina as we embark on a long and successful partnership.  Lastly, as lifelong residents of South Jersey, we look forward to being in a community that we have long seen as a shining light in our area.  We can’t wait to get started!

Warm Regards,

Dr. David  Monokian & Dr. Michael Monokian

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