Business Director

I am mostly responsible for running the back end of the business which includes accounting, marketing, operations and human resources. I previously spent several years as the Human Resources Manager for a Fortune 500 technology company in Philadelphia. Working in such a large corporate environment gave me invaluable experience, and while coming to a small, family-run office was an adjustment, it was a welcome one! I truly love it here. I really enjoy any time I get to interact with our team and our patients - plus I get to work with family, so it doesn't get much better than that! My favorite time at the office is when a patient is brought up to the front desk after their appointment and I get to see how happy and confident they are. I never knew a visit to the dentist could be such a happy experience until I became a part of this office. The dentists here truly make a difference in our patients’ lives as well. My job could not be more rewarding.

I grew up in Long Island, NY. When I met my husband, Dr. Mike, at Towson University, we both knew life would never be the same. Once married we moved to Marlton, NJ. Now we have the "rich man's family"; a little boy, Evan, and a baby girl named Leah. That expression could not be more true for us, as we have never experienced as much joy as we do now. I am delighted to watch them grow and change every day. My other interests are spending time with family and friends, living a healthy and active lifestyle, reading a good book, dancing, making and sampling wine, traveling and discovering delicious new restaurants. I also enjoy working with various outreach programs and donating time and resources to help those in need. We are very fortunate in life and always like to give back!


Marketing Director

I am responsible for handling the Marketing of the business which includes: Website management, networking with other medical and dental offices, and reaching out to organizations throughout the community. I am also responsible for handling the Continuing Education for the doctor's and staff of our office.

I previously spent many years as a Dental and Medical Sales Representative for an American Multinational Financial Service Corporation. My sales background has allowed me to interact with professionals on a daily basis and work with all different personalities. These qualities have helped me with transitioning into the Marketing Director of our office. I now get to work with my wonderful family and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. After being a patient myself, I truly see how much hard work and dedication goes into running our fine tuned practice. All of our staff is the best of the best in their field!

In my spare time I enjoy spending my days with my husband, Dr. Dave, and our children. We have two beautiful little boys and a baby girl who are our little blessings. We enjoy traveling, dining and most importantly spending quality family time. I get pleasure in giving back to our community in any way I can.


Office Manager

After spending nearly two decades managing a successful chain of dental offices for a large corporation, I was ready for a change. I heard good things about Monokian Dentistry, so when I learned they were looking for an office manager I was very interested. When I first met with them, I knew right away it was where I wanted to be. I was thoroughly impressed with their clinical expertise, their passion for excellence, and their commitment to education and training.

When I joined Monokian Dentistry in 2015, I knew it might be hard leaving behind my old “work family” that I had grown to love. Fortunately my new “family” has shown that they have lots of love to give. Everyone here – including our patients - has made me feel welcomed, and the experience has been everything I hoped it would be.

I was born in Hitchin, England and moved to the United States when I was twelve. I met my husband Rick on October 8th, 1996 and we were married exactly six years later... to the day! Completing our household is my niece Jordan, and our “miracle baby” sons - Jason and Jaden (ask for details). We also have a daughter, Rashonda, who has blessed us with two grandsons – William and Arthur. Life has given me many reasons to smile.