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Safety First


Your Safety Always Comes First

(posted 4/20/20)

Many people are wondering when it will once again be safe to engage in normal activities, including trips to the dentist.  Although dental offices in New Jersey have not yet been cleared for a return to normal operations, we’re working to ensure that your next visit to Monokian Dentistry will be as safe as ever.

Since we first opened our doors in 1978, Monokian Dentistry has been a leader in the practice of infection control.  We were sterilizing instruments like handpieces and burs long before it was required.  When we first designed our Marlton office back in the 80s we created a dedicated state of the art sterilization and infection control station. And we were one of the first local dental practices to implement Universal Precautions, safety measures introduced by the CDC in 1985 to help healthcare providers – including dentists – protect patients and staff from infectious diseases. 

When our office reopens, that intense focus on safety will continue.  We will be closely following coronavirus-related guidance issued by the CDC and the American Dental Association, but we view those as minimum requirements.  We’re going further by developing new protocols that will help ensure patient safety: low-contact visits, enhanced sterilization routines, modified scheduling, and increased personal distancing.  We are also evaluating a number of emerging technologies like LED UV-C sterilization units, upgraded intra-oral suction units, and a new generation of extraoral evacuation units.   

Be assured, we are going to do everything we can to keep you and our team safe and healthy. Watch your inbox for more information about how we’ll be providing you with excellent dental care in this new environment.